Fruit Fiesta Progressive

It’s fiesta time, but only if you are playing Fruit Fiesta Progressive. In this game, you can party your heart out and win some cash in the process. Three reels and three paylines await you in this classic game and whether you prefer the classic or the progressives, you are going to get the best of both worlds in this game.

As with so many other games, you will need to bet the max for a chance at that progressive, but since the max is just three little coins, this is not too much to ask. Find the game’s symbol because this will provide you with a whole lot of wild fun. In other words, this is the Wild and finding three of these will put you in line to win the progressive.

If you prefer to take a backseat while playing this game, you can do so by using the Autoplay option. This will set the game to keep rolling the reels for you until you can claim the win. This means you get to rack up the cash without having to do a single thing.

At Casino Splendido, you can access many games just like this one that give you the option to play and win big. They are all fun, they are all well designed and they all offer players the chance to have a great time playing at one of their favourite casino pastimes. Start racking up your bets now so that you stand a chance to be the big winner.

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