Flying Ace

World War 2 was certainly a difficult time for a lot of people but born of this period was a lot of culture. This has been brought into the game, flying Ace with a certain magical sparkle that may make players a little misty eyed. There are three paylines to watch in this game and three reels that will spin bringing forth the theme of the pilot, whose only mission is the help in saving the world from the powers of evil.

This game is very easy to play, certainly easier than flying a plane. Try to find the pilot since he is the Wild symbol and will ensure that should you be very close to a winning combination, you get to go all the way. The A is another symbol that may pop up and if it does, you can use it as a Scatter. Find as many of these as possible to ensure that you get to take home the big wins. Whether you choose to play in the online casino using your browser or you download the whole casino, this is going to be one experience you do not want to miss out on.

The action is non-stop and the game is delightful and even for those who don’t know much about history, this game allows for an experience that is quite unlike any of the others. So start playing and see if you have what it takes to make it out of the maze of a world war and find the treasure at the end.

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