Jewel Thief

You don’t have to be a thief to play this game and get some cash while you do it. Though the game does encourage you to become a Jewel Thief, it will actually give you full permission to access the win with its 3 paylines and three reels. There are no spins, no bonus games and no extra features to distract you from your only goal when you play Jewel Thief, so get cracking on that safe and see if you’ve got what it takes to walk away with the 6,000 coin prize.

Keep an open eye out for the Jewel Thief because he is the Wild symbol and if you’re a crafty player, you’ll be able to use him to substitute for any other symbol. Hit the jackpot on the first line and you’ll be presented with 1,500 coins. Find it on the second payline and 3,000 coins will become available you. Find it on the third payline and you could be walking away with arms filled with cash. Of course, you will have to bet the maximum of three coins to do it.

You won’t need to steal your way into the online game or illegally download the Jewel Thief. Casino Splendido makes it easier for everyone to win fair and square, so take your chances on this game because the rewards will be well worth it. The Jewel Thief has loads of cash to give. Don’t you think it’s about time you claimed some of it for yourself?

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