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Rings and Roses

This is a game that may have a name that makes you think of love and romance, but the goal here is strictly to aim for the win. However, no one could blame you if you fall in love with Rings and Roses. After all, it does have a very attractive three reels and a heart-breaking five paylines for you to access, and if you love the idea of winning, you are going to swoon when you see the jackpot, a big 6,000 coins.

Using some of the best sound effects and really well-designed visuals, the game is able to make you fall in love with it every time you play and whether you come across the bell, the lucky seven or even the Rings and Roses logo, the game is going to be long term fun for a quick reward.

Of course, even if you don’t get the biggest jackpot, you’ll still have a lot of reasons to adore this game from up close. Getting three symbols in a row on the first payline for example will give you a romantic 1,000 coins, while getting the same on the second payline will grant you a lovely 2,000 coins. And if you get the right symbols on the third and fourth rows, you could be taking home 3,000 or 4,000 coins respectively.

Play the game that is going to warm the cockles of your heart and find out why so many people have already fallen in love with Rings and Roses.

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