Sizzling Scorpions

Even if the thought of playing amongst the scorpions makes you feel a little uncomfortable, this is one hot desert sun you are going to want to get under.
Sizzling Scorpions is the three-reel, single payline game that takes heat and racing to the next level. With a huge jackpot of 5,000 coins, you could be
speeding your way to a hot win.

Want to know what symbols you’re going to race past? Well for starters, there will be a whole lot of desert-themed symbols from the buzzards to the scorpion himself and if you want those 5,000 coins you are going to have to make the maximum bet of three coins. In these hot conditions, you would be excused for getting a dry mouth, but that may be the sense of excitement and the cool bonus feature. Find the big buzzard and bonus feature will be activated and you’ll get your chance to race through the desert, vying for first place. A big win will next you an extra 100 coins, while the second place flag will grant you 50. Even third place is still a good position as this will give you an extra 30 coins to keep in your car for emergencies.

But don’t get distracted; remember that your goal is to find the Sizzling Scorpion himself three times. Do so and the jackpot is yours, but make sure you don’t get stung trying to get to the win. And drink lots of water, because this will leave overheated and satisfied.

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