Triple Magic

Do you believe in magic? Well, how about three doses of magic all rolled into one payline. Triple Magic gives you the chance to win lots of cash with its three reels and 1,600 coins for the jackpot. With a maximum bet of just two coins, there is no way you won’t be feeling the magic when you play this game. So get into the world of the magical and start conjuring up some tricks to get yourself closer to the win.

Your goal is to find the blue star hidden away in this den of illusions and for every time it appears on your payline, you will be able to use it as a substitute for another symbol. That should get you a little closer to the jackpot. If that’s not enough to make you say, ‘Abracadabra’, there is also the chance to use the same blue star as a multiplier that could take your bet up to nine times higher.

Even if you choose to play just one coin, you could still win 600 in return. Triple Magic is a slot of illusions and for those who believe that luck is on their side, this is one magical experience that could have a spectacular result. Whether you manage to find the stars or the sevens, or you just love the idea of playing a game that takes suspension of disbelief to a whole new level, Triple Magic will excite and entice you in a way that no other game can.

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