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Under the sea there’s a party going on that’s like no other! Fish Party is a super-cute and fun video slot game that allows you to dwell into the ocean and make plenty of rich sea creature friends. With 5x3 reels and 243 ways to win you can get insanely rich if you know how to party well.

The Fish Party is on tonight!

This isn’t your average funfest. Fish party features some dirty-rich little sea creatures that are extremely willing to give you their money if you play with them. From cute gold fish dames, to a stir-crazy clownfish, pleasant graphics make this game twice as fun.

You really want to become friends with those little clams that swim around. The scatter symbol clams are rich little guys, who give you some money extra each. If you are really good at socializing and you find 3, 4 or 5 scatter clams you will win from 8 up to 20 free spins!

Each free spin can trigger even more free spins. If you are lucky you can have an unending whirlpool of spins and wins. Free spins aren’t just another chance. They feature stacked high end symbols and super stacked wilds, which are symbols that can take the place of normal creatures and offer you even bigger winnings.

Stacked high end symbols and super stacked wilds don’t replace scatter symbols, so don’t worry about parting with your best friends.

The Wilds clams are just as nice as their cousins, becoming any symbol you want them to be. Wilds stack three times in the basic games and the super stacked wilds of the free spins can stack up to seven times, making you even richer.

For the best partygoer of them all there’s a 97.000 coin sea treasure jackpot waiting to be won!

Dive into the Cash!

Whether it’s your first time or not, Fish Party stays exciting every single time you join in the fun.

Whether you’re good at swimming or not, the fish party welcomes guests of all experience levels and offers them the time of their lives. Jump into the water and win that ultimate Fish Party prize, only at Casino Splendido.

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