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Things are heating up at Casino Splendido, and it’s all thanks to this brand new, exciting online slot game – Hot as Hades. This entertaining new game will surely get those temperatures soaring as you embark on an exhilarating journey with a flame-haired companion, whose cheeky attitude and daring spirit may just lead you to some trouble, but also some great rewards.

Features include:

Base Game Free Spins Feature

  • The Super Mode Free Spins will be triggered randomly in the Base Game, awarding 5 Free Spins to lucky players. A symbol position turns into a Held Wild within Super Mode throughout this feature

Bonus Game Features

  • Land 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols on the Reels to trigger the Crystal Helm multi-tiered Bonus Game

  • This Bonus game has five levels – Pillars of Awesomeness, Medusa’s Maze, Poseidon’s Ocean, Zeus’ Stairway and the Chamber of the Crystal Skull. Levels 2-4 have Pop items that end the feature

General Game Rules

  • All wins are granted for adjacent symbol grouping running left to right on a valid Payline

  • The generous Scatter symbol happily pays our lucky players on any reel location

  • With the exception of the Scatter, all wins will be multiplied by the bet placed per line

  • The highest winning combination will be awarded per symbol combination

Scatter rules

  • Scatter symbol wins are multiplied by the player’s total bet, with any wins added to Payline wins

Wild rules

  • The Wild symbol will substitute for all symbols, with the exception of the Scatter Symbol, and all wins are doubled

Super Mode Free Spins rules

  • This feature is triggered inside the Base Game. Five Free Spins with no Free Spins Multiplier will be awarded

  • A symbol position turns into a Held Wild within this feature. Three Held Wilds will also be awarded at random

  • A single Held Wild is awarded for every Free Spin

  • Three random Held Wilds are awarded during this feature, and will remain on screen for the duration of the Super Mode Free Spins

  • The Scatter will pay out if the Held Wild lands on the symbol. The Wild symbol will therefore only multiply line wins. The Wild does not substitute for the Scatter, and no Scatter wins will be doubled

  • The Quest for the Crystal Helm Bonus and Super Mode Free Spins can be triggered at the same time, in which case The Quest pays out first

  • This Bonus cannot be triggered within the Super Mode Free Spins

  • The Super Mode feature cannot be activated again

Quest for the Crystal Helm Bonus Game rules

  • Land 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols to trigger this feature, consisting of 5 tiers

  • Players get one pick per level, except in Level 5. In this level, players get a second pick

  • Win Values are selected from a container, which will not be removed. In this way, multiple instances of the same value prize are possible

  • Each Bonus Game level features a different bag of Win Values – choose a Win All and get awarded all the Win Values in the container for that level. The Chest Bonus is not included in this rule

  • A player can get rid of their first pick and select a Win All with their second selection. All the remaining Win Values in the bag must be awarded

  • Selecting a Pop option on any level resets the multi-tiered Bonus Game

  • The Bonus Feature cannot be triggered during the Super Mode Free Spins feature

Hot as Hades offers some exciting thrills and spills on the Reels, not to mention winning opportunities galore. Play this online slot with Casino Splendido today and start your winning streak.

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