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Are you ready for some high-energy success? RoboJack is here with his powerful robotic powers and a whole bunch of other robots to help you make it big. With magnificent graphics and a very carefully designed gameplay, RoboJack is a top notch video slots game that will turn around your fortune.

With 5x3 reels the basic game gives you 243 different ways to win some metal hard cash. RoboJack has more to offer than just that and that’s why he’s got company. His five robotic followers are here to change the game and help you win the Jackpot!

Robo-powered success!

Everyone wants a good robotic friend to help them get rich. In RoboJack there are five of them waiting for you to show up and play with them.

The basic game has the usually array of 4 low symbols, 4 high symbols, wilds that change the game and scatter symbols which make many things possible.

By getting 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols on your reels you are in for some robo-tastic winnings. This amount of scatter symbol triggers free spins, like in most slots games, but RoboJack adds even more win to the situation.

Every time you get your free spins five robots appear on the screen and one of them chooses to help you. Each robot has a different unique design and a special high-charged power that helps you win big.

From extra scatter symbols, a 3x multiplier or 2 landing scatter symbols, to a wild reel or free wilds, the five robots give you their powers freely. If you don’t like the robot that chose you, you can allow them to choose again once. This way you can switch if you prefer another robot friend.

Make the right decision and become richer by 90.000 coins from RoboJack ’s Jackpot.

Get rich with RoboJack at Casino Splendido!

With powerful robots at your side and the odds stacked up high in your favor, RoboJack is an ideal game for beginners who want to play safe and experienced players who know how to choose a good game.

RoboJack is waiting for you to play, only at Casino Splendido!

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Welcome to Casino Splendido.
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